The Top Ten Most Popular Posts of 2012

top-10As the year draws to a close, I thought it would be interesting to take a look back over 2012 and see which posts at Reasons for God garnered the most attention. If you missed any of these, or want to read them again, then here are the top ten most popular posts of 2012:

1. Why Are Christians So Crazy?

I believe this post is #1 on the list because it appeals to both Christians and nonChristians. It is also one of the more unexpected posts at the site, as it is primarily an honest admission of the faults of everyday Christians.

2. The Reason Rally

This post showcases the value of collaboration. Because of a partnership with Tom Gilson at Thinking Christian, Rick Schenker, Blake Anderson, and others at Ratio Christi, many bloggers involved with the Christian Apologetics Alliance, the Christian community offered a respectful and thoughtful response to the atheists’ Reason Rally. The book we wrote, True Reason, is still selling well, is highly ranked at, and is currently the #3 bestselling book published by

3. Moral Clarity and Richard Dawkins

This post was linked from Richard Dawkins’ website, the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, and that led to a vibrant discussion.

4. A Collision with God – A Sermon on Mark 10:35-45

It seems this post has been accessed by a lot of pastors looking for guidance on a Saturday afternoon! I hope they (and possibly their congregations) have found it helpful.

5. The Reason Rally and Westboro Baptist Church

One of the most hypocritical and counter-productive actions of the Reason Rally organizers was to deliberately invite the Westboro gang to attend their gathering. This post explains what that invitation revealed about the Reason Rally.

6. Atheism, Agnosticism, and the New Atheists

This resource page hosts dozens of articles on exactly what you might expect, given the title of the page. Topics range from the meaning of life, the atheistic leap of faith, morality, and more.

7. The Best Reasons

This resource page links to all of the other resource pages at Reasons for God on the many arguments and considerable evidence for the existence of God.

8.The Hypocrisy of Richard Dawkins

At The Reason Rally itself, Richard Dawkins managed to contradict himself within the space of a few minutes! This post explains the significance of his error.

9. Pastors: Six Easy Ways To Add Apologetics To Your Sermons

One of my greatest desires is that every church would have a well-trained, highly-visible, and very loving lay apologetics team. This post explains how pastors can lead by example, integrating apologetics into their sermons.

10. The Problem of Blind Faith

There is an all-too-common idea that ‘blind faith’ is really awesome and very much worth having. This article explains some of the dangers that come with blind faith. Instead, we should have a reasoned faith.

Full disclosure: I excluded the “About” page from this list.

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