Updated Resource Page: Is There Truth?

newThere are some questions which are constantly asked. These perennial questions deserve a special focus so that we are especially prepared to think carefully about a question we are more likely to hear from our friends and family. To make this easier for you (though you still have to put in the hard work of study), I’ve put together a number of resource pages at Reasons for God, including pages on the best reasons for the existence of God, the integration of faith and work, recommended books, and other topics (see the right sidebar for more).

One of the most prominent questions is this: Can we know the truth? Or do we all just kind of have our own ideas and that’s good enough? I find that this idea is close to the surface whenever the topic turns to religion, but rarely appears when discussing science or math! In any case, it is an important question.

Our resource page on this question, “Can We Know Truth?,” has been freshly updated with good resources for your perusal. I hope you enjoy the page. If you have any recommendations for other resources on the topic of moral relativism or moral absolutism, please contact me.