New Directions in Apologetics and Evangelism!


I am excited to share some major news with you! I’ll get right to it – this summer has been filled with transitions and this post is focused on sharing these updates with you:

  • Deciding to leave Boston, my home for the past seven years, in order to move to Atlanta, my hometown.
  • Winding down my work with Telos Ministries, which served students at Harvard University, Boston College Law School, Boston University, and international students across Boston.
  • Saying goodbye to many friends and our church home in Boston, packing up our belongings, and spending extra time in our favorite parts of this wonderful city.
  • Finding an apartment in Atlanta and all the other details that go with settling into a new city.
  • Being elected President of the Christian Apologetics Alliance.
  • Writing a new evangelism curriculum for local churches.
  • Revising True Reason for publication with Kregel Publications.
  • Accepting a job offer from Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.

I’d like to fill you in a bit more on the work regarding True Reason, the evangelism curriculum, and RZIM, as well as an update on the Christian Apologetics Alliance.

Revising True Reason with Tom Gilson

Along with my co-editor, Tom Gilson, and the terrific team at Kregel Publications, we are preparing to launch a “Revised and Expanded” version of the best-selling book True Reason. The new edition will include a chapter co-authored by Dr. Tim McGrew and Dr. David Marshall on “Faith and Reason in Historical Perspective.” The other chapters have been revised and edited to further strengthen the case that the New Atheism lacks the intellectual credibility to champion reason. By contrast, the Christian worldview allows for the flourishing of a reasonable approach to all of life and reality. The new edition will have more endorsements, which I look forward to sharing with you as we get closer to the launch date. This has been an enormously exciting project and I hope you’ll join me in spreading the word about True Reason when the new edition comes out.

Writing Love Evangelism

Over the summer, as I planned to move to Atlanta, I began to write an evangelism curriculum. The working title is Love Evangelism, and according to current plans, will come out to be about nine or ten chapters, or about 140 pages. The curriculum is specifically designed for church and parachurch small groups, to train Christians to find a loving and humble way to introduce their friends to Jesus.

The goal of the project is to bring together some of the most interesting and compelling arguments for the Christian faith with my own experience of a very personal, conversational, and communal approach to evangelism during the past ten years of campus ministry. My hope is that this evangelism curriculum will be widely adopted and prove to be useful in practically equipping Christians. The first draft of the book is nearly completed, and I invite your prayers as I move into the editing process soon.

Serving Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Starting September 3rd, I will begin my new role as the U.S. Director for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. I will join a very experienced and talented team of servant-hearted leaders. The U.S. itinerants – Margaret Manning, John Njoroge, Nabeel Qureshi, and Cameron McAllister – as well as the North American Regional Director, Stuart McAllister – are wonderful folks, and I am grateful for this opportunity to serve them in the evangelistic mission at RZIM. I’ve also greatly enjoyed working with the staff at headquarters, and am impressed by the spirit of excellence that runs through the entire ministry. I am also excited to connect more with RZIM’s international offices and, of course, with Ravi Zacharias.

In this new role, my focus will be to listen carefully to the rest of the team and the Lord, and then in coordination with them, develop a strategic plan for our ministry in the U.S. and implement specific projects to carry out this vision. One of the great opportunities of the new position is to network with the leaders of other apologetics ministries, churches, denominations, and campus ministries, and prayerfully learn how we can be of service to our brothers and sisters in Christ. Overall, I have a great deal to learn from the terrific team at RZIM and am grateful to begin serving alongside them!

The Christian Apologetics Alliance

Since starting my tenure as President of the Christian Apologetics Alliance on June 1 of this year, I am encouraged by a number of developments. For one, our group on Facebook is about to pass 2,500 members! We are finding a huge demand for participation, and our New Members Team is bulking up to process all of the applications to join (every member is required to sign our Statement of Faith and agree to our Discussion Guidelines). Meanwhile, the CAA’s G+ community is 2,000+ strong, and our Twitter account and public Facebook page continue to touch thousands of lives.

One of the most exciting developments is our new website,, which now has over 700 posts, a volunteer team of about eighty members, and steady growth in its daily traffic and visibility in search engines. We are starting to see over 1,000 page views a day, indicating a wide reach. This site is just an incredible resource for the church and those seeking God! Every time I check into the group or participate in a discussion, I am amazed by the wisdom, maturity, and generosity of the CAA’s members. I’m very grateful to be involved in this remarkable community.

To sum it all up…

I want to thank all of the faithful readers at Reasons for God for your support over the past few years. You have sent me encouraging emails, spread the word about the resources here to your friends, made donations, and been a wonderful part of my life. Thank you. As I move into this next season of ministry, I will be posting much less frequently at RFG. However, from time to time, I hope to provide an update or share what I’ve been learning with you. Despite the reduced posting, the website will remain up and available. You can also stay connected to me on Twitter, where I will remain active @ReasonsForGod.

As I work on the evangelism curriculum, prepare to start at RZIM, and lead the Christian Apologetics Alliance, I feel very much the need for prayer. Apart from God’s grace, we are nothing. With God’s grace, we are meant to point people to God’s glory. All of life is a gift from God and is intended to be lived in gratitude to God. Each of these opportunities is simply another chance to say, “God is good. Jesus is Lord. By the power of the Holy Spirit, may we love God and our neighbors.”

sincerely yours,


P.S. For the past six weeks, this website has been inactive, and without explanation. My apologies! I have simply been so fully involved in work with the above news that I have not had the capacity to update Reasons for God. Thank you for your understanding and patience this summer.